Our Company

Our Company

In 1998, two businessmen from the agricultural sector partnered to found exporting Gesex SA, a company whose business model would be to manage the commercialization of fruit in a transparent manner with the producers, to create value throughout the marketing chain through logistics and distribution network of excellence, and products with a quality above the industry average.
In 2012, through Multifruta SA, a second plant was acquired located in the commune of Paine, Fatima plant, which after a significant investment, a process line of peaches and citrus fruits was acquired, and a process line of cherries, which meant adding a new species to the list of species exported from Gesex SA, toghether with the expansion of the cold stores.
In summary, the Gesex Group comprises a well thought out process, which involves from the orchards, with appropriate varieties and technologies, to the work done by our clients through our commercial offices abroad. Smart Fruit, is an intelligent fruit and means that it was thought in each of its processes.

Over time, more producers were associated, those who independently managed packaging and preservation on cold. This used to generate problems in the coordination and requirments of commercial programs, so in the year 2000, in the search to optimize processes, improve logistics and meet customer requirements, Gesex S.A. It is associated with Multifruta S.A., process plant and cold plant located in Linderos, Buin commune, which due to its strategic location allowed to shorten the transport times of the fruit to the ports and airports.

These competitive advantages over other exporters in the category made other producers want to belong to the Gesex group, being today a consolidated group consisting of 9 producers, currently exporting more than 9 million boxes, being the 7th largest exporter in volume and with the highest producer returns in the industry. In 2006, Cristian Allendes, a producer associated with Gesex S.A., decided to build his own process plant in the municipality of Melipilla, which we now know as Chocalán Packing and Cold. This allowed to increase the volumes of production and therefore, of export of peaches and citrus fruits.

In 2017, Gesex makes the decision to invest in the agricultural sector by buying a 220Há field in the Piura sector, in northern Peru, in a partnership with the San Jose agricultural company, Peruvian company, which has strategically been support in these first years of management providing services of Packing and cold. Today, DEFRUSA SAC has 200 hectares of table grapes in production with exclusivity of new varieties. Then, in 2018, Multifruta Fátima expands the processing capacity of Cherries by incorporating a new Packing line in its Fatima Plant, increasing the processing capacity in that species twice. In addition to the process plants, fields and parent company of the exporter, the Gesex group has three commercial offices abroad: Fruit Grower Alliance in Europe (2008), Summit Produce Inc., in the United States (2011), and Fruit Color in China (2015), which have favored communication with the end customer and have contributed to the knowledge of each market to satisfy demanding consumers.

After 20 years we consider ourselves a leader in the export of fresh fruit, with presence in the most demanding markets around the world and with the security of saying that all our processes are executed with professionalism and responsibility.

There are great adaptation challenges around the changes we see every day in the environment in which we develop our business and we are preparing so that the resources and opportunities we have today are present for the next generations of our company and agro-export family.


  • Mission

Maintain leadership as marketers of high quality fresh fruit.

Satisfy the needs of our customers and consumers permanently.

Maximize the value for our shareholders and producers, in a consistent and sustainable way.

Be sustainable in all areas in which the organization operates.

Strengthen the teams, developing an optimal and competent working environment for our workers.

To permanently promote the innovation and development of our products and services.

Be a permanent source of information for our producers.

  • Vision

To be recognized as leaders in our activity, representing for consumers their best alternative on the market.

Lead a network of customers and producers to create mutual value over time.

Being a brand recognized by the consumer achieving their loyalty.

  • Values
  • Transparency
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Trust
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Positive attitude